Chinese Customer Care

We are are multi-cultural office and we are lucky enough to have Melody Hu as part of our team.


With a strong knowledge of the real estate industry, and known for her hard work, loyalty and resourcefulness, Melody is a valued member of the LJ Hooker Nerang team. Also known as Li Quen, Melody promotes a professional image of the company, is able to handle multiple tasks, speaks Mandarin and English with excellent written and verbal skills in both Chinese and English. She is committed to achieving customer satisfaction completing projects with exceptional quality and detail. She has effective people skills which show in her ability to convert leads & referrals into lasting relationships. Melody looks forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs.

Melody是LJ Hooker集团 的新晋成员,她提升了公司的专业形象。Melody能够处理多重任务,具有出色的中英双语写作和口语表达能力。 Melody致力于实现客户满意度,使项目的质量和细节都能出色地完成。 Melody因其勤奋工作、对公司的忠诚度和客户资源丰富而受到公司的高度评价,她在房地产行业拥有丰富的知识。她还具有行之有效的人际关系技巧,使其有能力将潜在客户和推荐人转化为持久交往的关系。